A Healthy Back & Pelvis

Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th November 2019

at The Forge Yoga Centre, Collins Road, TOTNES TQ9 5PJ Devon


Offered in a format that immerses you more deeply into the many benefits of The Feldenkrais Method, where lesson time is interspersed with longer breaks, both overnight or during the day, this weekend gives you the time to relax or go for long walks or other activities that you enjoy alongside 10 hours of Awareness Through Movement lessons.  These lessons are focused on exploring and learning about your habits and patterns in movement that may contribute to, or interfere with, the healthy functioning of your back and pelvis.  An opportunity to give yourself a deeper immersion into the work, creates a loosely structured personal retreat, as the town venue offers a variety of things to do and environments to support you at this, the dark time of year.

When we talk about the back or the pelvis, we must really start to think about the spine – CK-45-tand, if we’re thinking about the spine, we cannot exclude the pelvis, nor the head and neck – or, the ribs and chest for that matter.  So, in this workshop we will embark upon a series of lessons that will explore the movements of the spine in each situation  – bending, extending, sidebending, rotation and twisting.  We will experience our backs in a way that is not so usually available to us, and thus gain a clearer sensory image of a part of oursleves that is difficult for us to see.  We will learn how to re-distribute the effort of bending so that individual vertebrae are not under strain, and we will explore these movements in a variety of situations, including sitting and walking.  The difference between coming to a Feldenkrais weekend and pretty much any other movement weekend is that this is the way of ‘Less is More’ – the focus and committment are to the reduction of efforts, and attending to our sensory experience.  Everything we do, we will try to do it gently, and more gently, and more gently.  We will practise using our self-awareness and we can learn how paying attention to ourselves can be a powerful tool on it’s own.  In this practise, it may be that you end up feeling like you’re doing pretty much nothing at all yet moving smoothly and with ease.  Come, experience this magical and potentiallypexels-photo-1712855 transformational work.

For this event to be suitable for you, you just should be able to work comfortably laying on the floor, and be able to get up and down unaided.  You do not have to have previous Feldenkrais experience.  If you have persistend chronic pain you are required to take at least one 1-1 Functional Integration session with Nikhila prior.  

You will need to bring a mat and a blanket, and wear loose warm layered clothing.

Timings:  Friday 2.00-4.30   Saturday 11-1 & 4.30-7.30   Sunday 2-4.30

Cost:  £125, or £110 earlybird if booked and paid by 8 November.  It is also possible by arrangement to attend 5 hours only:  £70 / £55 if paid by 8 November.  Pay on the day bookings add £10.

To book:  complete our booking form, wait to hear there is a space, and then send payment.  Payment confirms your place.

Questions?  info@lifeworks4.me.uk or 07989 394904



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